synthetic zero


Directions to The Synthetic Zero Art Space

Laura Napier's show, Stranger Than Fiction, closes on Thursday, April 23rd. If you'd like to see the show please email Laura Napier at laura_napier at hotmail dot com or events at syntheticzero dot com to make an appointment.

May 1st (7pm opening), 2nd (noon - 6pm), and 6th (6pm)

"Otherworld: Explorations of the Uncanny"

Alison Ward curates a show featuring artwork by Lauriston Avery, Jenny Doussan, Josh Kil, Wyatt Nash, Clive Murphy, and Alison Ward. It is a mix of painting, drawing, sculpture, video, and sound work that deals with the notion of cognitive dissonance - that uncanny feeling that happens when one holds two contradictory ideas simultaneously. All of the work that she has chosen for the show has a dialogue with the other pieces as well, so the whole exhibition should read as a larger installation piece. The show opens on Friday May 1st with a reception that evening, and will be open for the 3rd Annual Mott Haven Open Studio Tour on Saturday the 2nd from 4pm-6pm.

June 3 and 6, 7pm - Synthetic Zero Event

We're looking for visual art, experimental film, video, writing, performances, music, etc. for our upcoming show on June 3 and 6. The show will again be part of the Bronx Culture Trolley and is partly sponsored by the Bronx Council on the Arts. If you'd like to submit visual art or a performance, please email me at events at syntheticzero dot com; if it's a video, send it to:

Mitsu Hadeishi / Synthetic Zero
305 E 140th St #1A
Bronx, NY 10454
718 772-4961

Preferred formats for video are DVD (NTSC or PAL) or Blu-Ray disc.


The art space is at 305 E. 140th St., #1A, Bronx NY 10454.

We're about 20 minutes from Union Square. From Manhattan, 4-5 train to 125th, transfer to 6, one stop to 3rd Ave/138th, 2 blocks north on Alexander Ave, left on 140th to 305, #1A. (Ring 3A if 1A does not answer). If you end up at 138th and Grand Concourse, walk east, across 3rd Avenue, turn left, go to 140th, then turn right to 305, #1A (ring 3A if 1A does not answer). You can also take the 2 train to 149th and 3rd Avenue (one stop PAST 149th/Grand Concourse!) and walk 9 blocks south to 140th, turn left and it's half a block to 305.

By car:
FDR to Willis Avenue bridge, take the left fork, left on 138th, right on 3rd Ave, right on 140th, park anywhere. From Triborough Bridge: Take Bronx exit, head towards Major Deegan, get off at Willis Avenue, stay on 135th (go straight), right on Lincoln, at 138th, take right fork onto 3rd, turn right on 140th, park.  From the north, on I-87: Take Madison Avenue Bridge/138th St exit, turn left, turn wide left onto 3rd Ave, turn right on 140th, park.

305 is on a paper sign in the glass door. Ring doorbell marked 1A, to the right of the door. If 1A does not answer, please ring 3A.