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Next Event: Saturday, February 7, 2004

We had a great event on Wednesday, very good response, and a lot of people showed up. If you couldn't make it Wednesday (or even if you did) please come (again) Saturday night! In addition to Wednesday's program we will have a performance by Claire Barratt and a new video by Mac McKean. Please forward this to your friends. Tell them we're only 20 minutes from Union Square.



Animation by Melody Owen, Portland artist
Lo-vid video piece by Kyle Lapidus, www.ignivomous.org/projects/lovid/
Video slideshow story written by Colin Beattie, slides produced by Mitsu Hadeishi
Experimental video by Traci Tullius
Short film by Miranda July, Los Angeles artist and participant in the Whitney Biennial (2002 and 2004)
'Camera Shopping Deluxe,' by Josh Weinstein, New York artist
New video by Mac McKean, www.heaventree.com
'Birthday Girl' and 'After Panic' by Alison Ward


Improvisational Movement Performance by Claire Barratt, Cilla_Vee Movement Projects (only on Saturday, February 7)


Sculpture by Linda Cunningham, Bronx artist
Paintings by Aristedes Logothetis, artist
Photographic installation by Lia Bulaong, student at ITP/Tisch
Photographic collages by Emily Gertz, Brooklyn artist
Work by Eugenia Chun, Brooklyn artist
Posters by k--mroczek, of exacting action, student at Cooper Union


IF YOU HAVE ARTWORK, WRITING, A PERFORMANCE, MUSIC, OR SOMETHING ELSE you would like to contribute to a future event, please contact us at events at syntheticzero dot com. PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO FRIENDS! Thanks.


We're about 20 minutes from Union Square. From Manhattan, 4-5 train to 125th, transfer to 6, one stop to 3rd Ave/138th, 2 blocks north on Alexander Ave, left on 140th to 305, 4th Floor. Please note that due to schedule changes, there may be disruptions on this line, particularly on the weekends. If you end up at 138th and Grand Concourse, walk east, past the KFC, across 3rd Avenue, turn left, go to 140th, then turn right to 305, 4th Floor. You can also take the 2 train to 149th and 3rd Avenue (one stop PAST 149th/Grand Concourse!) and walk 9 blocks south to 140th, turn left and it's half a block to 305.

By car:
FDR to Willis Avenue bridge, left at fork, left on 138th, right on 3rd Ave, right on 140th, park anywhere. From I-87 (Major Deegan): Madison Avenue/138th exit, left on 138th, oblique left onto 3rd Ave, right on 140th, park anywhere. From I-278 (Bruckner): get on I-87N (Major Deegan), off at Willis Ave, stay on 135th (go straight), right on Lincoln, veer right onto 3rd, turn right on 140th, park.

305 is spray painted on the door and above the door. Ring doorbell marked 4th Floor, to the left of the door. You may have to ring the bell more than once, especially if it is cold.



Mitsu Hadeishi, Amy Chan, and Susan Chow


previous event: december 2003
next event: may 2004