synthetic zero


Feb 2007 Event

Saturday, February 17th, 7pm-11pm

The next Synthetic Zero event will have experimental film, music, a live puppet show, an "improvised cinema" performance, and visual art. The event is free though optional donations will be accepted to cover the cost of food and drink.

Location: 104 Franklin St, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10013. Map below.


Imagination Explosion - live puppet show
César Alvarez - solo music performance using iPods
Potter-Belmar Labs presents Improvised Cinema

Experimental film:

Laura Napier - "Astor Place" - New York, NY
80Juan80 (Juan Kasari) - "Alku_E" - Helsinki, Finland
Courtney Hoskins - "Snow Flukes" - Boulder, CO
Josh Weinstein - "Cross-Examination" - Brooklyn, NY
Günter Puller - "Yellow Pages" - Vienna, Austria
Alyse Emdur - "Beginning Animal Communication" - Florida
Jones Downs (Jenny Doussan and Hailey Jones) - "Captain" - New York, NY and London, UK
Heather Willems - "Three Attempts at Seduction" - New York, NY
Elena Tejada-Herrera - "Holding the House Together" and "Paper Elephant"
Frank George Kanelos - "Scratching To Survive"
Mark Gallay - "Morning Process" - Brooklyn, NY
Noe Kidder and Mark Gallay - "White Hotel" - Brooklyn, NY
Sung-Hee Choi - "Nuclear Theater" - Brooklyn, NY
Charles Chadwick - "All About Fire" - Los Gatos, CA
Ian W. Lippincott - "Serial Krusher"
Mac McKean - "Cycle" - New York, NY
Meg Duguid - New York, NY

Visual Art:

Damali Abrams - collages - Queens, NY
Shadagga - photography - Queens, NY
Liam O'Brien - drawings - New York, NY
Alison Ward - collages from "Calendar Girl" series - Brooklyn, NY
Leela Accetta - visual art - New York, NY
Katharine Tillman - photography - New York, NY
Daniel Iliescu - New York, NY
Chester Urban - sculpture - Bronx, NY

IF YOU HAVE ARTWORK, WRITING, A PERFORMANCE, MUSIC, OR SOMETHING ELSE you would like to submit to a future event, please contact us at events at syntheticzero dot com. Send submissions to:

Mitsu Hadeishi
220 E 134th Street, #5A
Bronx, NY 10451
718 401-9347

Preferred formats for video are DVD (NTSC or PAL) or VHS (NTSC only). DV tape is also acceptable, but not preferred.


Google map. The space is at 104 Franklin St, 4th Floor, near Church St in Tribeca. Take the 1 to Franklin St. and walk 1 block east, or take the ACE to Canal Street and walk south on 6th Ave, turn right onto Church St, then right on Franklin St., or take the NQRW or 6 or JMZ to Canal St, walk a few blocks west to Church St, south 4 blocks and right on Franklin.