synthetic zero


Next Events:

CONVERSIONs Loft Event: Saturday, October 23, 6pm-10pm

Matt McCormick Film Tour on Thursday, October 28, 8pm

The next synthetic zero loft event will be part of the First Annual Mott Haven Open Artist Studio Tour, which is being coordinated with the Bronx Museum of Art. The location of the loft is 305 E. 140th Street, 4th Floor (see directions) This event is part of the CONVERSIONs series of South Bronx art events.

In addition, on Thursday, 8pm, please come see Matt McCormick on the New York stop of his national tour.

We're just 20 minutes from Union Square. Please tell your friends about it!

Experimental films:
Plegg, Jones Downs (Doussan and Jones) - New York, NY
Even Odd Even, Barbara Doser - Austria
Portrait of a Lady, Alison Ward - Bronx, NY
Wrathful Gods, Miguelangel Ruiz - Bronx, NY
Convulse, Cara Marisa Deleon - Georgia
Black and White High School, Charles Chadwick - Los Gatos, CA
Six Ways Sideways, Raymond Salvatore Harmon - Chicago, IL
Somewhere, Natasha Spencer - Chicago
Batmakumba, by Jose Hinestrosa, Talita Miranda and Mac McKean with singer Karina Zeviani - Brooklyn
Spirit, Paul Ritt - Netherlands
Works In Progress, Kate Balsey - Astoria, New York
Tickle Your Kundalini, JAG (Production Procedures) - Pittsburg, PA
Gravity, Sheri Willis - Chicago, IL
Untitled, Melody Owen - Portland, OR
Spaces, Jeremy Newman - New York, NY

Visual art:

Sculpture: Antonia Santiago - Purchase, NY
Photos and Patchwork: LoVid (Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus), New York, NY
Letterpress Cards: McCloud Zicmuse - Olympia, WA


IF YOU HAVE ARTWORK, WRITING, A PERFORMANCE, MUSIC, OR SOMETHING ELSE you would like to contribute to a future event, please contact us at events at syntheticzero dot com. Send submissions to:

DC: Mitsu Hadeishi
347 W 36th Street, Suite 503
New York NY 10018
718 772-4961


The loft is 20 minutes from Union Square. From Manhattan, 4-5 train to 125th, transfer to 6, one stop to 3rd Ave/138th. Go 2 blocks north on Alexander Ave, left on 140th to 305, 4th Floor. Note, the bell does not always work, so try calling! If you end up at 138th and Grand Concourse by mistake, walk east, past the KFC, left on 3rd Avenue, north to 140th, then turn right to 305, 4th Floor. You can also take the 2 train to 149th and 3rd Avenue (one stop PAST 149th/Grand Concourse!) and walk 9 blocks south to 140th, turn left and it's half a block to 305.

By car:
From Manhattan: FDR to Willis Avenue bridge, left at fork, left on 138th. Go right on 3rd Ave, right on 140th, it is on the left, 4th Floor. From I-87 (Major Deegan): Madison Avenue/138th exit, left on 138th, take an oblique left onto 3rd Ave, right on 140th, park anywhere. From I-278 (Bruckner): get on I-87N (Major Deegan), off at Willis Ave, stay on 135th (go straight), right on Lincoln, veer right onto 3rd, turn right on 140th, park.

305 is spray painted on the door and above the door. Ring doorbell marked 4th Floor, to the left of the door. You may have to ring the bell more than once, especially if it is cold, or call: