synthetic zero


February 22, 2006

It's good, even great, for you --- and I'm happy for you! But: it makes me dream of worlds not born.

Looks like that Iraq war is really working out well. In reality, this is a very grave development --- more disturbing than the relatively mild play its been getting on a lot of news sites. On CNN, the main story remains the powerball winners. Arrgh.

February 16, 2006

Lots of interesting things.

Kim sends me a reference to this Baudrillard article: "Found his perspective interesting."

Sleep on it: apparently good advice.

Moved through the blizzard --- was an ordeal, yet fun. Today's balmy temperatures, though, make the snowstorm seem like a strange dream.

I've started an amazing new job at this company called Temboo (the website is just one page at the moment, but the company is very interesting). They're trying to do something quite remarkable --- build a visual environment for non-programmers to be able to create non-trivial applications by hooking together existing systems. Their initial target is the financial services industry --- an area which I've never worked in before and had never planned to work in --- but the technology is universal and could be used in any industry --- and it even has consumer applications as well (though that version won't launch for a little while at least). I'm essentially heading up their entire tech effort, as we're moving to bring development here from an offshore team. It's not just the technology but the people, their unorthodox style, the fact that they hired me partly because of my non-technical interests. One of the founders is French, the other is Swiss (from the French part of Switzerland --- though she hates to be called a "founder"); they have cute names for things --- like their visual programs they call "choreographies". I've never seen anything quite like this --- it's great fun. I'm looking to hire a lot of talented people --- please send your resumes, by the way, if you're even slightly interested. Looking for programmers (Java, C++,MFC, Flash/Flex), a sysadmin, possibly an interface designer, etc.