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July 9th, 2010

I’m flying to India, starting fifteen hours from now. That is, if the plane manages to arrive safely (I’m not paranoid about flying, but I don’t like to be presumptuous about my continued survival). I am surrounded by little piles of stuff which make up my attempts at preparation, including “PacSafe” backpack protection meshes and all sorts of little travel doodads and clothes and mosquito repellent and maps. All this was prompted by my friend Orion inviting me (”you must come to India!”) and the fortuitous coincidence that three friends of mine happen to live in Bangalore and Orion also had a reason to visit Bangalore, so… I’m going to Bangalore and environs for two weeks.

I’m not entirely sure what to expect or not expect, so I’m more or less trying to be open to whatever might happen. I’m sleepy but I figure if I stay up later and later now I’ll have a bit less jet lag to deal with on arrival. Of course, it’s only 3pm in Bangalore and 5am here, but I’m into the gradual shifts…

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